Friday, March 23, 2012

Dragonflies Galore

It's been busy busy here!

Scott is hard at work on a new series of segmented woodturning pieces based on his Chai piece with different wood choices in different places.

Meanwhile, I've been playing with creating scrap paper boxes, which I think will solve my packaging dilemma for my dragonfly magnets. :-)

Speaking of which, I have a new batch of dragonflies prepared, and will be getting them up for sale in the Etsy store over the next week.

Aren't they pretty?

It feels like it takes forever to get a batch of dragonflies done. First I make lots and lots of bodies with beads and wire. When I need a break from twisting wire, then I fold fabric Kanzashi petals, which I later sew together in pairs, then glue to cardboard.

I may need cardboard, but there's no reason not to make it PRETTY cardboard! I have a handful of different colors of glitter board to play with.

Then there's the fun of matching up the bodies with wings and deciding which ones look best together.

Once the bodies are mounted on wings, then I glue magnets to the bottom of the cardboard and they're pretty much ready to go. :)

Meanwhile, here are some boxes I made to hold the magnets.

Even the inside of boxes should be pretty, right? As an added bonus, the glitter-dot paper is on pretty thick cardstock, so it adds a bit of strength and stability to the paper boxes.

I've learned that the dragonflies are less likely to get their antennae tangled if I face each of them into a corner.
Add a little ribbon, and wouldn't this be a fun package to get in the mail? Ready for giving as a gift to someone else or to keep for yourself! (This was the first time I played with wired ribbon, and oh, I have a new appreciation of it!)


  1. These are spectacular! What a great idea, using the Pleated petal to make a dragonfly shape. I hope these are a big seller in your shop!

  2. Thanks, Diane! I hope so too! :)