Thursday, October 3, 2013

Diving Into The Deep End: Learning With Artist Patty Gray

Scott is "raking" molten glass under the watchful eye of the glass artist Patty Gray.

Scott had an adventure in September: He took a five-day workshop with the amazing glass artist Patty Gray held at Fusion Headquarters in Newburg, OR.

Over those five jampacked days, Scott did everything from pattern bars to frit casting to mosaics. The work he brought home was just amazing!

That's Scott's ladybug in the back.

Isn't this cool? That argyle pattern was made by doing a sheet of blue squares and clear squares, a sheet of red squares and clear squares, and some clear sheets. The overlapping but offset squares of color make it look like there was a lot more cutting involved than there was!

This was a "painting with frit" project. Patty demonstrated her technique making red poppies, and Scott decided to make sunflowers for his version. Came out amazing, like an impressionist painting. 

The whole class' raking projects turned out amazing! Scott's is inside the kiln in the bottom left corner. Oddly, although he only had a little bit of purple in his setup, it all seemed to come to the top during the raking or the fusing that followed.

A closer view of Scott's project. Those things sticking out the sides are stainless steel pins used to hold ceramic fiber paper around the pieces.
Scott made the heart in the center, as well as the river in back row on the right.


The heart is really cool -- it was made using Flexi-Glass, which is this stuff you mix with crushed glass into what looks like fruit leather and then you can cut it with scissors into whatever shape you want. Wow!  

Pretty, isn't it?

Scott's pattern bars, after they were sliced apart and set into clear glass. I find it a very tribal looking piece, but pretty.


Isn't this amazing? Look how much gorgeous artwork seven students created over five short days! On the last day of class, Patty and the students gathered around the table and she critiqued each and every piece. Wow!

Another view of that very, very full table!

I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait to see what Scott makes next! :)

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