Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Donations

So one of these days, I'll actually sell my work in addition to donating to good causes!

But a friend made a personal appeal for items for our synagogue's annual auction, so I buckled down a bit and finished a few pieces just for them. 

Please forgive the poor photography -- I needed to get them dropped off in a hurry so I took quickie photos:

They'll be a low-price item for the silent auction, but I know I appreciate having some affordable items when I go to fund-raising auctions; often the ticket price alone means I can't afford to buy anything. So I like to think people like me will be happy to see something they can actually afford to bid on!

I also donated a gift box with a set of four of my dragonfly magnets. I didn't take a photo of the four I donated, but for those who haven't seen them, here's a sample:

And of course we donated one of Scott's bowls too, a solid-wood bowl made of Oregon black walnut, although that won't exactly be a low price point (but I'm sure it will be far lower than the big ticket items!):

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