Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Even Close To A Wordless Wednesday

I'm having trouble finding fabric-covered headbands at a price that will let me adorn them with flowers and sell at a reasonable but profitable price, so I decided I needed to master the fine art of covering my own headbands.

The advantage of being married to a woodworker is that I know the many benefits of clamps! :)

Ellie tells me you can't go wrong with sparkly stuff. :)

This one is about 7mm wide. I prefer wider headbands as bases for my flowers, but this is what I had on hand to experiment with. I'm letting Ellie (who declined to be photographed) do quality assurance by wearing it so I can see if it can hold up to a kid's wearing.
I'm fairly happy with how this one (and the ones that followed) turned out, but the ends are tricky to get/keep covered with ribbon. I'd love some tips from other crafters!

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