Friday, June 29, 2012

A New Toy

We got a new toy this week!

My, what a big box it came in!

Yep, we finally stepped up to a DSLR. In particular, it's a Nikon D5100 that came in a package deal on sale at Costco. It came with two lenses, an 18-55mm and a 55-300mm. I'm a bit intimidated by it since I never used an SLR back in the film days like Scott did. But I'll learn!

Meanwhile, while playing around with it, Scott took an amazing shot of Diego, a bristlenose pleco that has fathered and nurtured hundreds of babies since we got him. (His baby mama is Dora, and it's probably not too hard to guess who named them when we got them a couple years ago. Yes, those that said Ellie, our now 7-year-old, you'd be right!)

That's Diego with the bristles. Just to the left of his tail is a baby that measures about 1/4 inch. To the left of his fins is another one of his kids from an earlier batch. To his right is a chain loach.

Meanwhile, if you take a look at our Etsy store, there are new photos up (although none were taken with the brand new camera). We paid another Etsian to take photos of some of Scott's woodworking pieces, and they came out great. I plan to also use them to create a collage that I can take to any craft fairs we might choose to sell at as well as displaying at fund-raising auctions we donate items to.

Meanwhile, I learned of a website called FotoFuze that's awesome for picking up your item and placing it so it kind of floats on a white background and played around with it. Here's an example:


I think the second one looks way better than the first. What do you think?

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