Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Working Wednesday: Organization

I knew there had to be a better way to keep my fabric organized and accessible. I just didn't know how.

Then my favorite crafty blog, Diane Gilleland's, had a post and podcast about The Art of Stash Keeping. And I learned so much from the podcast with Jeni Baker and the links to Jeni's posts about stash keeping.

Jeni had an entire series she calls The Art of Choosing, which I found fascinating reading.

But the tip that's making a real difference for me involved storing my fabric on "mini bolts" using comic book storage boards to wrap the fabric around. Wow!

So now I'm deep into organizing my fabric, and I've already used up my first package of 100 comic book storage boards! It will make a huge difference in being able to see all my fabric easily and being able to get it out of a stack without messing all the other fabric up.

Here are my first two bins:

The bin on the bottom is storing fleece, the one on top has all my felt.
Meanwhile, I picked up one of those wide-drawer plastic thingies at a garage sale ($5, which is awesome since I never see them for less than $25 on sale):

The bottom drawer has my satins and chiffons, the next one up holds my organzas. Soooo much better than the large shopping bag I'd had them in before!
Next up, will be tackling my many, many cottons that I accumulated during my quilting days. :-)

Want to see what I hope to someday have?

Check out the glass-doored bookcases in this post. I definitely have studio envy! :-)

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