Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skating Mania

Photo by Cooper Mountain Photography

My skaters are headed to Nationals, and while it hasn't quite shut down our business as they prepare with extra practice and coaching sessions, it has certainly added a lot more busyness to our schedules. Which has meant that I haven't been blogging as often as I've wanted and intended! Sorry about that!

The photo above is Ellie during a figures event at the Regionals competition last month. In her hair, is a flower clip I made to match her dress. I don't have parental permission (yet!) to run the photo, but I was delighted that another skater also wore one of my flowers, including a custom center featuring Swarovski rhinestones that matched the girl's dress. And Ellie's precision team's 14 skaters will all wear my matching hand-wrapped headbands with flowers when they skate at Nationals next week.

Meanwhile, last weekend, I delivered three small flower clips that will be worn around a bun. Who knows, if I sell enough flower clips to local skaters, who wear them at competitions regionally and nationally, maybe I'll carve out a little market niche for myself! :)


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