Friday, August 16, 2013


I'd hoped that the purple butterfly bush blooms would emphasize the purple in the piece, but instead the green leaves really emphasize the greens Scott used.

We're (tentatively) planning to deliver this beauty this weekend to the woman who gave us a great deal on the Bullseye deep royal purple glass is the focus of this piece that Scott made.

She'd bought the glass to use in doors and cabinets in her home, which is the most purple house (inside and out!) in Portland. She has an amazing garden in the front and side of her house (where most people have grass), and it's all greens and purples. Because she needed the sheets of glass to be larger than normal, she had had to buy a minimum number of sheets that was far more than she needed. And we snapped it up when she listed it on Craigslist. :)

To repay her generosity a bit, Scott decided to make something that we could give to her. And here it is, finished at last!

We slumped it into a gentle "sushi" mold, which curves the corners up slightly. It should be both a decorative and a useful item. :) 

Meanwhile, Ellie's piece was slumped this week and looks pretty awesome too.

Photographing glass items is even harder than photographing wood bowls with a glossy finish. That glare was present even on a cloudy day.

I think that's going to make some teacher very happy this December. :)

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