Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meet the Maker: Introducing Ellianna

Ellie checks out the manta rays at the Albuquerque BioPark in July 2013.

Ellianna took her first art class at the ripe old age of 10 months old. It was a parent-and-child class called Art Babies offered through our local community center for kids ages 10-18 months old. She got to do things like finger painting and squishing colored shaving foam, all the kinds of messy projects I didn't want to do at home with her.

Ellie enjoyed those Art Babies classes so much, her first birthday party was a "messy art" party at the community center. Here, she and Scott were having fun with the colored shaving foam. Soooooooo messy, but so much fun!

Q: What's your current favorite thing to make?

"I really like making friendship bracelets. They're interesting because you have to learn how to make them and there's so many different ways to learn. Right now, I'm working on one that I just learned. At first, I didn't get it because whenever I try to separate my strings, they get tangled. But my friend Emily taught me."

Q: Favorite colors to work with?

"Blues, greens and pinks. But sometimes I just work with what I have."

Ellie made this stepstool in woodworking at Oregon College of Art & Craft's art camp last summer.

Q: Your art notecards are very popular at craft shows. How do you decide what to draw?

"I just figure it out as I go. If I'm in the mood for something, I just start drawing it. I like drawing fairies because they're easy for me. I have a lot of books with fairies in them so I have a good idea what fairies look like and what kinds of things they like to do."

Artist at work!
Q: Why did you want your work to be part of Foster's Beauties?

"It's a family business, and I'm part of the family! I like making things too, and I thought maybe someone would want to buy some of them. ... I like it when people tell me they like my art."

(Note: This post is part of an occasional series about the makers behind Foster's Beauties' artwork.)

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