Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There's No Such Thing As Too Many Clamps!

Scott has long said he could never have too many clamps, and I was somewhat skeptical. But these photos prove his claim:

And a view from the other side:

For years, it seemed, Scott got pairs of clamps for birthdays, holidays and any other gift giving occasion. And he still complains sometimes that he needs more! :)

I swear, it looks like a display in a woodworking store! There are 14 clamps there if you're trying to count.

He's clamping circles of purpleheart to holly that was already scooped out hold the purpleheart disks. Tomorrow, when the glue is dry, he will slice the purpleheart disks in half, and then glue the free half-disks to another piece of holly that he already prepared.

I have to say, segmented woodworking reminds me a lot of quilting. Both start out with large pieces of material, that are then cut into smaller pieces, attached into groupings, cut some more, attached some more, and on and on until the piece is finished.

These six disks above where glued into place previously when Scott was testing to see how his plan would work.

His plan for this piece is complicated enough that even with the sketches he has shown me, I can't picture what it's going to look like when it's done. But I'm sure it will be pretty!!

(And if I counted right, it took him four or five trips to three different stores to get the two bits he needed to be able to cut the disks and scoop out the wood for them to fit in. :)

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