Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time Flies When You're Being Crafty

How has it been an entire month since I posted here?!

Finding the balance between crafting, blogging, and listing additional items on Etsy is challenging.  It's definitely a learning experience!

Scott is working on a set of variations on Chai. You remember Chai, right?

Here's a reminder:

Scott is mixing things up with the various woods (Chai is made of Oregon black walnut, bubinga, maple and wenge.) and adding additional ones to the mix. All in all, it makes for a lot of little pieces of wood to cut up and glue together repeatedly.

Here are some photos from the process:

Meanwhile, I've been trying to catch up with a backlog of items that need to be listed on Etsy for sale. If you go visit Foster's Beauties, you'll see a number of new hair clips and brooches that I've added recently. 

I'm still working at mastering writing the listings. It's harder than I expected! I'm also reading many of the forums that Etsy has created for its sellers, and the common wisdom says that the ideal minimum number of items to have for sale is 100. We've got a ways to go to hit that goal!

How do we figure out how much of our time to spend creating versus time spent on the business end of things? Trial and error, I guess.

We'll figure it out eventually.

Meanwhile, here are some of my latest brooches, which I hope will be listed for sale on Etsy soon.  :)

My monitor makes the middle row and center one in the bottom row look like they're blue, but they're actually a royal purple. The green ones and purple ones all have Czech glass buttons for their centers. And all 8 have brooch backs that combine a pinback and an alligator clip.

Happy crafting!

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