Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chai Is Complete Plus New Listings!

Way back in February, I think it was, I posted some photos of one of Scott's creations as a work in progress. Well, Chai is officially done, and has been added to our Etsy shop!

Chai in all its glory!

Chai takes its name from the 18 segments per layer. (For those who don't know, Hebrew letters have a numerical value, and the value for the word Chai, which means life, is 18.) In total, there are 343 pieces in Chai, including its solid Oregon black walnut base.

And this Chai is just the start of a series that Scott is already underway on that will feature the same design but will mix up the wood choices and placements so each one is unique.

Chai did present a bit of a challenge beyond the obvious skill needed to get those points to match up perfectly: The curve just below the neck was difficult to get finished as well as the rest of the piece. So we took Chai on a field trip to a Woodcraft store in search of a brush that would have a handle that allowed Scott to get the brush into that funny area. While a brush with a bendable or curved handle and natural bristles doesn't seem to exist, everyone in the store (both employees and customers!) wanted a closer look at Chai and was full of compliments about Scott's work! Now if only Scott's business cards had arrived in time so we could have passed them out ... Next time!

Meanwhile, Ellie, our 7.5-year-old daughter, has been actively lobbying to include some of her creations in Foster's Beauties. As those of you who know us personally already know, she is quite the artist. So our shop has a new section, Art by Ellianna, featuring some blank note cards with her artwork on the front. There are just two sets so far, but I'm sure there will be additional items added as time goes on, especially if she is successful in selling any of her work.

My fairy obsessed daughter wants to share her pixies!

The one on the left, done in oil pastels, reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Nights, but I'm especially fond of the one on the right, which involved marbling on silk.

We'll have some big news to share towards the end of the month, so please check back!

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