Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo Friday: How I Work

I do almost all my crafting in our family room, usually sitting on the couch with my feet up. I have this tray with a vintage Coca-Cola ad on it that I bought a million years ago at a garage sale, never imagining it would become my crafting station. (Heck, back then, I never expected to be crafty.)

Since I've been playing with beading, that's what was left out on my tray. I'm using the pink silicone pad that's intended for using underneath a hot glue gun because it helps keep the beads from rolling away from me.

In the upper left corner are my bifocals, which are helpful while beading but absolutely, completely necessary for threading a beading needle. (Sigh. When did I turn middle aged?) Also some Nymo beading thread. The tubes and baggies of beads are pretty self evident, as is the scissors. The funny looking metal circles are a half-ball cover button kit (in case I'm not the only one who had never seen one before).

So there you go -- a peek into how/where I'm working. :)

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