Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Working Wednesday: Busy, Busy, Busy!

Somehow, I've been in denial that Winter Is Coming.

And with winter, comes all the holiday shopping and the largest percentage of revenue retailers make all year round. And with an Etsy store stocked and open, Foster's Beauties is a retailer facing its first holiday season. Yikes!

Time to ratchet up production so we have merchandise to sell!

I wrote a couple weeks ago about launching production of a batch of fanciful flower brooches and hair pretties.

Since then, I managed to turn this

into this

I've stitched layers of petals together, and then glued on felt bases, which will later get attached to hair clips, brooch pins, ponytail holders and headbands.

Here, the flowers on the left are getting their felt backs, while the ones on the right with the colorful plastic clamps, have moved to the next step, which is adding a pretty center.

This one has a very sparkly resin center. I also use flatback rhinestones, buttons and beads for flower centers.

And eventually, they're done (completed the batch today!):

The ginormous pile of petals turned into three dozen flowers of various sizes. I'm donating about half of them to my inlaws' church's holiday bazaar, where they will hopefully sell well and raise some money for their church. The other half will go into stock for the two or three holiday craft fairs we hope to participate in, ideally joined by many, many more products ready for sale between now and then.

Meanwhile, I'm getting back to folding some dragonfly wings. I figure if I alternate which products I work on, I won't get burnt out on making them. Right? :)

Now to hope that autumn brings us customers!

What are you working on this week?

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