Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working Wednesday: Notes From The Woodshop

Scott is still hard at work at his collection of Chai Variations, but he took a few minutes to take some photos and write up what he's been up to lately.

As you may remember, this is Chai:

 And after Chai was in finishing, Scott decided that one was not enough, and launched into a series of variations on Chai, which are still in progress.

All of the rings for all eight segmented bowls in progress have been cut and assembled. Time to flatten the rings and bring those triangles down flush with the top of the ring. First is a trim on the tablesaw because some triangles came from different pieces of stock and have a different thickness. Then a trip through the drum sander to get the top and bottom of the rings really flat and ready for assembly.

After the trip through the drum sander, it's ready for the next stage of glue-up. As seen here, the bottom few rings are already glued together, and attached to a plate so I can hold it on the lathe. From the narrow ring just below the zig-zag feature upwards all of the rings are loose (only glued into a ring, not to each other yet). The top few get assembled by pairs, and sanded again after each step to make sure the top/bottom edges stay parallel. Then the pairs get glued together.

Once it reaches having just a top and bottom assembly, it's the real fun time, putting it on the lathe and making it have a more pleasing shape.

With eight bowls in progress, every horizontal surface gets pressed into use as a stacking and storage space while some others are being worked on. Here are 6 of the 8 sitting on an extenstion table of the bandsaw, with the bottom portion fully assembled and glued while the top rings are being assembled and readied for flattening. I love the colors and shapes. 

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