Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Working Wednesday: Notes From The Woodshop

I just love when I get to put a first coat of finish on a piece.  Up to this point the wood has been cut, assembled, shaped, and sanded.... and the colors have been getting nicer and the grain has been growing in depth.  But when that first coat of finish goes on, the colors and depth just pop.

It's been a while coming, but I recently got to move a few items forward in the queue to their first coat stages.  In addition to the latest batch of segmented bowls there are a few solid wood ones and one of a prior project that needed a little more work on it's bottom.  Most of the bowls here are getting coats of lacquer, but a handful are getting shellac and a couple will get 'Salad Bowl' finish.

It'll be a while longer before these are all completed.  It takes a few coats before the finish has enough depth to stay glossy.  Then they can be rubbed out on the lathe before I remove their base holders, brand them, sand the bottoms and add the finish. 

And of course, then comes the real photography work and listing them, although some of them will probably make their first appearance at a local craft show this holiday season.

In the Chai Variations, there are mostly two of each color combination, one with narrower triangles and one with broader triangles.  

 In some there is a variation in the combination or cutting of the zigzag in the center 'feature' ring.  And I made a conscious effort to vary how the base meets the table, with some having a broader squat curve, some having a single curve to the table, and some having a reverse curve.  Once they're all finished, I plan to do some photography and see which look is more frequently preferred. Maybe we'll have a poll here on the blog and you can vote for your favorite!

Meanwhile, if you have a favorite you want to be sure to be able to buy before someone else nabs it since, despite the similarities, they are each one-of-a-kind pieces of wood art, drop us an email and we'll be happy to reserve it for you! :)

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