Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gearing Up For Our First Craft Show

Sorry about missing last week’s Working Wednesday post! Life has been a bit hectic and stressful, for reasons I can’t go into here, but I promise to try to be more reliable in the future!

Our first craft show is coming up in just about a month, and we’re realizing there’s a lot more to having a successful show than having lots of great products to sell.

I’ve been soaking up the wisdom of the Craft Fairs...It’s A Living team on Etsy, and making my list of things to remember to bring along.

Although many folks say they rarely are asked for bags, they recommended we have them anyway for those who want them. I had already bought a custom-made stamp for our logo, so Ellie and I got busy stamping onto the small bags that will fit our work. (We’ll be getting some larger bags for Scott’s woodworking pieces!)

 Don’t they look great?

We also need to figure out our display. It’s an indoor show (which is good, considering it’s generally cold and wet in Portland in December!),  and we only have a 6-foot table. Although we have some items to use for display, including a cake stand with three different-level surfaces that I intend to use for Scott’s bowls, we haven’t entirely figured out the best ways to display other items. We will definitely be practicing our display setup at home to try to get the best looking table we can manage.

In the meantime, Ellie and I are busy making gift boxes out of scrapbook paper for my dragonfly magnets and maybe even some of the fabric flowers. And I have a new batch of dragonflies in holiday colors that are in process. Can’t have too many of those, right? 

If you've sold at craft fairs, we'd love any advice you might care to share. Just leave us a comment! Thanks!

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