Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working Wednesday: Working For The Weekend!

Things are really coming together for our craft show this Sunday!

Scott has finished the batch of Chai Variations that he's been working on for months. Here are the batch:

Yes, there's a black walnut/purpleheart swirl hiding among the Chai Variations!
Each one is unique, either with the combination of woods in the places Scott used them, or by the width of the stripes and/or triangles.

My favorite is one I'm calling Rhythms of the Heart, and Scott calls it a "second generation" Chai Variation:

Isn't it gorgeous?

Of course, it's hard to pick a favorite because I also love the blonde Chai Variations that Scott made:

Check out the original Charismatic Chai listing on Etsy for comparison. They're all pretty amazing, if you ask me!

Meanwhile, if you come to our craft show on Sunday in Lake Oswego, let me know you saw my blog posts and I'll give you a $1 or 10 percent discount, whichever is larger, on any purchase over $5!

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