Thursday, March 21, 2013

Works In Progress

In my last post, From Board To Bowl, I showed you some of the steps Scott goes through starting with a piece of lumber and turning it into a series of bowls.

He's still working on that stack of bowl blanks he created from a couple beautiful pieces of Oregon black walnut, but I thought you might like to see some of the bowls that have reached finishing stages.

Do note that since I've been nagging him to create some solid wood bowl inventory, he also has a couple non-black walnut bowls that are also in finishing.

The five bowls at the bottom of the photo are all black walnut -- isn't it amazing how just some clear Salad Bowl Finish deepens the color so richly? The reddish-orange bowl is padauk and the light bowl with dark stripes is marblewood.

It just amazes me that even though the black walnut bowls all came from the same tree, the grains and even the colors vary so greatly. I guess Mother Nature knows what she's doing!

Just look at that gorgeous grain pattern!
Three bowls, all about the same size, with three different shapes to them.

Sadly, this pretty little marblewood bowl won't be going up for sale due to checks in the wood that make it too fragile. The upside is that means I get to keep it. :-)


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