Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working Wednesday: Kanzashi Flowers in Progress

Last week, I officially committed to a Mother's Day themed craft show (May 5 at the Lakewood Center for the Arts in Lake Oswego for any locals reading this!), and that got me cranking out things to sell. Especially since I signed up for twice the space we had at our Christmas show.

Since the show is aimed at folks buying gifts for Mother's Day, I'm focusing on brooch pins right now. (I also need to increase my dragonfly magnet inventory ...)

Above are small (~2.5-inch) Kanzashi flowers in progress. They still need felt backings, hardware and centers.

Last week, I worked on a whole bunch of organza and crepon flowers:

Wouldn't one (or more!) look great as a corsage, whether for a wedding, prom or just adding a little bling to an outfit?

I'm also playing with beaded centers for some of the flowers. I'm curious to see whether they attract more or less interest than my typical rhinestone or vintage button centers.

Which do you  like better -- the flat beading in the centers (bottom flowers) or the stacked bead centers (top flowers)?


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