Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Working Wednesday: A Peek Into The Woodshop At Works In Progress

Seems like every time I walk through our garage woodshop, there's something new to see.

This time, I marvelled over some "texturizing" Scott did to help make his solid wood bowls each one of a kind. (Of course, I'm convinced they're each unique simply because Mother Nature makes sure each tree's woodgrain is as individual as a fingerprint.)

Aren't they lovely?

A group shot of others in progress:

Meanwhile, Scott has started working with a slab of spalted maple burl, and we're hopeful that he will be able to stabilize the wood enough to turn it. He already turned a small (~4inch) bowl that is stunning:

Just look at that grain! Here's another view:

I'm tempted to tell Scott that we need to keep that one. Or at least one of the ones he makes from that gorgeous slab.

Here are the other bowl blanks he roughed out from that slab:

Scott has taught me that the messiest, nastiest looking pieces of wood are actually the most beautiful when they're cut, turned and sanded. By that standard, this is going to be GORGEOUS!

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