Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working Wednesday: Keeping Creative Embers Alive (When Feeling The Business Grind)

Scott and I are hard at work increasing our product inventory in preparation for a May 5 craft show, and even though we love making our products, sometimes that can become a stressful grind.

So to balance that grind, I think it's important to experiment with new-to-me art or craft experiences. Lately, I'm enthralled with fused glass. I've taken two classes now at Live Laugh Love Glass in Tigard, and next month (after the craft show!) I'll be taking a class at Bullseye Glass in Portland to learn a new technique.

Here's my latest fused glass creation:

I'm really happy with how the slightly wavy, organic edges worked out.
Scott and I are playing with the idea of getting a kiln, so maybe someday, fused glass pieces will be part of our offerings in our Etsy store. But for now, it's just plain fun as well as good for refilling creative juices.

What do you do to recharge your creative battery?

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