Saturday, May 18, 2013

Glass Storage In Progress

Scott is busy building a glass storage unit for our studio (aka the garage). It seems huge right now -- about six feet long and roughly seven feet tall. But I have no doubt it won't take long for us to feel like there's not enough storage!

The bottom area will have 20 sections for storing sheet glass on edge. On top of that will be a shelf roughly six inches tall for storing slumping molds. Above that will be two more shelves, roughly 10 inches tall.

Tomorrow, we're heading to Ikea to see if they have something we can adapt to use as a workbench. I'm thinking that something they have for their kitchen furniture might be perfect since we want it to be roughly kitchen counter height for cutting glass without hurting our backs by making us bend over too much.

If all goes well, we may be playing with glass later in the week!!

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