Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is It Getting Hot In Here?

The kiln has power! Woohoo!

Exciting developments Chez Foster's Beauties!

This week, we had an electrician out to do some re-wiring of what was once a three-car garage and is now officially a combined woodworking and glassworking studio. :)

It's been many, many years since the garage was used to park cars, and it's the second time we've had this electrician do some additional wiring for us. This time, we were warned, we've maxed out the residential power  allotment and if we expand farther, it will require a new power meter and other expensive goodies.

Of course, once you add a new media to a studio, suddenly you realize you need new storage and work surfaces!

The kiln is in the garage's third bay. The woodworking tools are (mostly) in the two-car bay on the other side of the shelves behind the kiln .

Scott immediately leapt into plans for glass storage, if only because we've got too many sheets of glass and slumping molds and other glassworking items blocking access to his woodworking tools. So glass storage is Priority #1. (Ok, and true confession time: He only leapt into plans for glass storage after we made another trip to Bullseye Glass to buy additional sheet glass and other supplies.)

The original sketch and calculations for needed supplies. Now that he's actually working on the storage unit, he has tweaked his design a bit.

This weekend, we hope to head to Ikea to buy something we can use for a glass workbench. Scott could make something, of course, (and it would be nicer than anything we could buy at Ikea) but that takes time and would mean it would be longer before we could start playing with the kiln and/or he could get back to his lathe and start his next segmented wood project.

And to think this all started last fall when I was looking for an interesting place to hold Ellie's 8th birthday party and spotted a Groupon for Live Laugh Love Glass in Tigard! Clearly, that Groupon was the gateway drug to an addicting and expensive (but fun!) new hobby. :)

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