Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Woohoo -- We Have A Glass Work Area!

It's handy having a woodworking in the family!

Our first glass-working area and storage came together far faster than I expected.

Scott built the glass storage area so it would hold full sheets of glass as well as our molds and frit.

But we hit Ikea to buy a table and rolling tool cabinet to work on since those are much easier to find ready-made.

The table legs are adjustable for height so it was easy to create a cutting table that won't hurt our backs to work on.

An alternate view:

The silver in the left foreground is the kiln! :)

The long view:

Meanwhile, Scott is already making use of the work space and has two project underway!

This is Scott's lattice work piece.

For more photos of Scott's works in progress, be sure to follow us on Facebook, where I frequently post photos as I take them.

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