Monday, June 3, 2013

Special Dads Deserve Special Gifts

Scott was an amazing dad right from the start, and his world continues to revolve around her ...

Last month, when Mother's Day was right around the corner, Ellie was apparently feeling some pressure to come up with a way to make the day special for me. So, she asked, "How come there's a mother's day and a father's day, but there isn't a kids' day? That's not fair!"

Scott and I responded in tandem, "That's because every day is kids' day!"

And while that may not be entirely true, at least from an 8-year-old's point of view, it's certainly true that being a good parent is a life-altering choice. And it's a choice you have to continue to make every. single. day. Even (especially?) when you have no idea what it means.

So with Father's Day (June 16!) right around the corner, it's time to think about the best ways to celebrate, whether it's with your father or the father of your kid(s).

Scott and Ellie will most likely spend Father's Day the way they did last year: Roller skating!

Goofing around at Regionals last June at the historical Oaks Park rink.

Father's Day just happens to be on the first official day of Northwest Regional Roller Skating Competition, which means we'll be way too busy to mark the day with much more than a hug and a kiss. But in many ways, isn't that the best way to celebrate a holiday like Father's Day? As a proud dad and as a great role model?

I did buy a special Father's Day gift for Scott this year, but I can't tell you what it is yet or it will ruin the surprise! But I can tell you that it is the epitome of handmade. :)

Meanwhile, it's not too late to check out our Etsy shop if you haven't found this year's perfect gift for the dad(s) in your life!

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