Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Working Wednesday: Fabulous Flowers

Last week, I posted some photos of kanzashi flowers in progress.

They now have their centers and are mounted on brooch pins, ready for next month's Mother's Day themed craft fair!

What do you think?

Meanwhile, I finally got a photo of my flowers that I like well enough to use on an updated business card. I'd hoped to use my kanzashi dragonfly magnets, but they're proving challenging for me to capture in a way I like enough for a business card.

Here's what I'm going with for now:

Meanwhile, here are some more kanzashi brooches I've been working on, featuring a microfiber fabric that feels like super-soft suede:

I'm hoping to get at least some of these lovely brooches listed on Etsy over the next week or so; the rest I will wait to list until after the May 5 craft show. If you want to buy any of them, send me an email and I can put it up on Etsy as a reserved listing for you so you don't miss out if it sells before I list it! :)

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